Byron Yoga Centres Top 5 Tips for beginners

We all know by now the health benefits of yoga and Tyrian’s loyal guests Byron Yoga Centre are sharing their top 5 tips for those who want to give it a go for the first time!

1) Stay safe. Try and find a beginner’s class so you can build solid foundations of correct alignment and knowledge of how to safely move into and out of postures. Work within the limitations of any injuries or restrictions in your body. If you are in a mixed level class don’t try and do advanced poses that the person next to you may be doing! Establish the goal as spending time with yourself, not as trying to do fancy poses.

2) Try different styles. There are now so many styles of yoga. Consider if you are looking to relax and unwind (try Yin Yoga), to build strength and flexibility (look for classic a Hatha style) or to create some movement to fire up your energy levels (seek a Vinyasa flow class). At Byron Yoga Centre we teach Purna Yoga, an alignment focused Hatha style with intelligent sequencing (so a ‘middle ground’ yoga). Purna means complete, we integrate philosophy, meditation, pranayama breath control and the yogic personal and social code of ethics.


3) Practice Consistently. This doesn’t have to be every day! Maybe you can just commit to one class a week to begin with. If you can build up to 3 or more sessions you will really start to notice changes in your body and the benefits on the mind and emotions. Most people that practice several times a week will tell you they feel calmer, more focused and more content. To help maintain consistency find a studio that is close to your home or work, commit with a membership or multi-class pass or connect with a yoga buddy to stay motivated.

4) Don’t expect it to be all good! While a consistent practice can reap many positive benefits, it can also stir up feelings of discomfort, unease and even sadness. Yoga is a tool to observe, accept and ultimately transform. But change can be uncomfortable. ‘Stuff’ may come up. It’s important to go easy on yourself. To learn how to be with what is as it arises and as it passes. If you experience sadness, OK. But don’t feel sad that you are sad. Nurture yourself and have someone you can talk to a friend, teacher or if needed, a counselor.

5) Next steps … At first dropping in to different classes and styles of yoga can be fun and it’s through this that you find your place. Ultimately you need to find a teacher you resonate with to guide you on your journey. It’s also important to establish a self-practice, even if it’s just a few sun salutations in the morning or some relaxation poses in the evening. You might also consider dedicating a few days or a week to immersing yourself in yoga by booking a retreat.

Byron Yoga Retreat Centre offers affordable 8, 5 and 3 day Yoga and Health Retreats



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